pancakes and hula.

Maker. Storyteller, Style Enthusiast, Brand Lifter and Adventurer.

As Founder of The Bungalow PR, and a Lifestyle Curator , I’m a black belt in connecting the dots. I elevate women who launch their dreams and run epic brands. Collaboration always ignites curiosity.

Textiles, creating, and making is my slowing down. The being present and spilling over. The fibers, the weaving, exploring natural dyes, it’s all a way to recharge, replenish and show up for the rest.

The Side Bar—

I was born and raised on a tiny island in the Pacific. I don’t believe in closed toe shoes and I think saltwater is the cure for all things.

A few years ago, I declared I wanted to become a “fiber lady” so, that’s what I did. You can too.

I set the table for Thanksgiving 48 hours ahead of time, not because I’m organized (I am, but not really)—I just cherish the process of having a blank living canvas that has time and space to evolve along the way to the destination that is the meal.

I am a hunter and gatherer. I never met a basket I didn’t like. Everyone should have a work wife.

My husband is a vintage surfboard collector, so I live with about ninety-eight surfboards. Thanks to the small,in-house Lego aficionado, I step on at least one Lego a day.

Drop a line, say hello.